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GeoPrism Registry Overview

Table of contents

  1. Capabilities
    1. Multiple Hierarchy Management
    2. Change Over Time
    3. Integraging Official and Unofficial Data
    4. Accessibility
    5. Historical Events
    6. Updating Mechanism


GeoPrism Registry provides a unique set of data management capabilities to enable the contextualisation of data from different sources in both space and time, facilitate trend analysis, aggregate data according to different hierarchies, use geographic objects as the common link between data sources and support the creation of GIS-based applications and maps based on a common geography.

Multiple Hierarchy Management

GeoPrism Registry provides a multi- organization environment that supports data governance among these organizations. At the same time, it manages data dependencies between organizations. Data are curated by the organization with the authoritative mandate and updates are automatically propagated to other organizations that reference them.

Change Over Time

GeoPrism Registry tracks attributes, geometries, and relationships (including hierarchies) between geographic objects as they change over time. Historical views of data can be generated for any point or period in time depending on the considered geographic object type.

Integraging Official and Unofficial Data

Data curated by official and unofficial groups can be harmonized to create a more complete picture of available data.


Each organization can decide if the content they are managing is to be accessed outside of their organization or not. Lists and geospatial data can be published for different periods of time or dates based on a given frequency. Historical versions are maintained for reference.

Historical Events

GeoPrism Registry allows capturing the necessary information to rebuild how specific geographic objects like administrative units have evolved through time by being splitted merged, upgraded or downgraded. This information presents an accurate historical picture key to conduct trend analysis.

Updating Mechanism

GeoPrism Registry allows the operationalization of the updating mechanism associated with each geographic object it covers by providing a change management workflow that allows authorized users to submit change requests for approval.